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1. Create PERNUMPAY Account

PERNUMPAY is the best choice for fast, secure, and contactless payments with 100% privacy.

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IBAN and Credit Card Payment

2. Install Plugins

With our solution you can easily install the WooCommerce plugins to your online shop and receive payments within minutes.

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Profit Performance

3. Increase Sales

We have the right solutions for you to generate a new stream of customers for your online shop.

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1. Create SAFEZONE Account

An account not only for your own online security but combined with the world's best digital currency.

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IBAN and Credit Card Payment

2. Get YEM

At the Digital Exchange Center you can get YEM at a comfortable price. Additional there are several ways on how you can earn YEM for free.

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Profit Performance

3. Use YEM

We show you opportunities where and how you can use and spend YEM.

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Additional Info

What is YEM?

Read a detailed explanation of what the digital currency is about and who manages it.

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Current YEM Value

25000.00 USD

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YEM Growth

Watch the history of the YEM development over the last years.

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YEM Foundation

Visit the official website of YEM Foundation, the Regularity Authority and International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) for the digital currency.

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